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Prehistoric Times by Eric Chevillard

Prehistoric Times by Eric Chevillard

Review by Alan Reed First, I must confess to not being entirely impartial when it comes to Eric Chevillard. He is already among my favourite writers, he has been for years. I discovered him by chance‚ I was a student living in Toronto when I came across one of his novels on a display table...

Donato Mancini’s “You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence”

Donato Mancini's "You Must Work Harder to Write Poetry of Excellence" is a book about writing about poetry. There is an ideology lurking unspoken in the practice of reviewing poetry in Canada, it claims, and it sets about to reveal it. And it does, more or less. In the end an ideology stands revealed, one...
Reading and Thinking: Lisa Robertson's "Nilling."

Reading and Thinking: Lisa Robertson’s “Nilling.”

Nilling is a book about books. It is a book about reading and a book about thinking, because for Lisa Robertson the two cannot be so easily teased apart. And it may be a stretch to say this, as it is a book about a great many other things besides, but alongside all those other...