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Marcela Huerta: from Tropico

Marcela Huerta: from Tropico

TROPICO I buy a game for the computer in the family room. The game is a simulation game, I buy it full-price at a game store, not for 50% off from the discount bins at Walmart like I usually do. The game I buy is called Tropico. In it you are the jefe of a...

Melissa Bull: Two Poems, Six Questions

EDISTO In the truck my roast pink mother floats in a piggy nightgown from the Piggly-Wiggly. She’s drinking piña colada. I’ve got corn mash or some kind of corny nosto-industrialized moonshine tourist trap rubbing alcohol. Gag. Bought our bottles at the package store across the marsh crawling with crabs big as silver dollars. Creeping marsh....


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