Tony Oursler @ Metro Pictures

Wow. Great idea. I’ve seen variations on this theme before: images projected onto strange objects. In this case however, both the images and objects were more pleasing than usual. There was a strand of Lori Anderson here, in the voice over text, and in the layers of moving images. One projector hitting a corner of the gallery wall with the universe, while a globular, Jeff Koons like amoebic structure floated in the middle of the room, mercury-like images of orifices and eyes appearing to lick the sculptural surface. People seemed to love it. Quirky and provacative without being disturbing, I liked thinking about the “everywhereness” of our bodies, and our spirits. Possibly this is a reflection of processing my own recent losses, but there was something sublimely spirtiual about the show.
The picture above, taken from Metro Pictures site, doesn’t actually do Oursler’s work justice, so don’t take that as any indication of the power. And like I said, in this case the voice over was actually quite compelling. So often in these kind of installations it’s more of an irritation than anything else.
I haven’t been in Chelsea for a few weeks and it was a great afternoon: the sun even came out. More later on the outer reaches of 25th Street, which I ventured up to this afternoon. It’s not so bad. Just one block up!