Lourdes Vazquez

I heard Lourdes Vazquez read for the first time last night, at Zinc Bar, and she was incredible–she read the original, Erica Kaufman the translations. I’m so glad I found this poem online to share with you because it was my favorite of the night. You can find it at www.tribes.org–sorry, I’m having trouble with links again. A snippet from “Gusto de las historias con perras como personajes”:

True bitches: the one who desires her progeny

the one who abandons it

the one who guards it jealously

the one who despises it

the one who kills the puppies

the pack of mongrel bitches

who wander

around my mother’s neighborhood

without anything being done about it

howling + bloody +

destroying their pieces

for the sake of carnal odors,

of she-animal fights. ↓

My sister and her love for bitches.

My father declaring his yard a burial ground for bitches.↓

→→My neighbor’s dog, small, white, furry. She carries her around in her purse with the little dancing head looking out at everybody in the train, which she has taken at West 4th station. People smile when they see the little furry one. At 14th Street a cop pushes through. He tries to board the train in the middle of the crowd and PAFFFFFF! the cudgel sets loose and whacks the animal.

Has anything been left of the poor thing? ↓

Lourdes Vazquez
Translated from Spanish by Enriqueta Carrington