Jordan Davis on Lemon Hound

Okay, so, I’m chuffed…and well, chuffed. The Constant Critic gives the Hound some love…thanks Jordan.

AND wow to tonight’s triple-play. Laynie Brown, Marjorie Welish, and Rae Armantrout rocked Dixon Place to full capacity. Chapbooks available from Can you believe so many rocking women reading in one night? You see why belladonna is the baddest reading series in town? And I won’t even begin to taunt you about next year. We’re all over the globe. Including Canada of course. Oh, of course.

Check out Shana Compton’s blog for a review of Armantrout’s reading, and for some poems! (How could she focus enough to copy them down?) Also check out this blog and this blog, to see the latest installation on the nasty gender politics that seethes below the surface of our otherwise blessed poetic lives.

And if you want more Rae Armantrout she’s appearing tonight on Jordan Davis’ The Million Poems Show at The Bowery. Come. The Hound will be in the house.