Recently received/acquired/read

How behind am I? Here’s a taste.

Johnson, Kimberly A Metaphorical God, Persea 2008
Gambito, Sarah, Delivered, Persea 2009
Boully, Jenny The Body: An Essay, Essay Press 2007
Reines, Ariana, The Cow, Fence 2006
Sol, Adam, Jeremiah, Ohio, Anansi 2008
Philip, Nourbese M., Zong!, Mercury/Wesleyan 2008
Robertson, Lisa, Lisa Robertson’s Magenta Soul Whip, Coach House Books 2009
Werthe/M, Chr/St/Ne, +/’Me’s-Pace, Les Figues 2007
Rosenfeld, Kim Re:Evolution, Les Figues 2008
Ifand, Alta, Voice Of Ice/Voix De Glace, Les Figues 2007
Thormahlen, Axel, A Happy Man And Other Stories, Les Figues 2008
Graham, Jorie, Sea Change, Ecco 2008
Quartermain, Meredith, Nightmarker, Newest 2006
Swift, Todd Seaway: New and Selected Poems, Salmon 2008

Simpson, Natalie Bus Plunging, Olive 2009
Bergvall, Caroline, Allyson Synges, *Belladonna 2008
Anstee, Cameron, Remembering Young Bones, In/Words 2008

Sampirisi, Jenny, is/was, Insomniac 2008
Ducornet, Rikki, The One Marvelous Thing, Dalkey Archive 2008
Gass, William, The Tunnel, Dalkey Archive
Fiorentino, Jon Paul, Stripmalling, ECW 2009
Steinmetz, Andrew, Eva’s Threepenny Theatre, Gaspereau 2008
Moran, Eva, Porny Stories, DC Books 2008
Ross, Stuart, Buying Cigarettes for the Dog, Freehand 2009
Place, Vanessa, La Medusa, FC2 2008
Lilburn, Tim, Going Home: Essays, Anansi 2005

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