Canada arriving online

Wow, did it take Twitter to nudge Canadian publications online, or was it the financial meltdown, the Tory cuts to our well-funded arts net or just time? Whatever the reason, Canadian publications are finally taking the plunge. The National Post, and The Globe and Mail, the two big quasi “national” papers are both there, with book blogs no less. Magazines such as Quill and Quire and This have long been on board, but now magazines such as Geist and Walrus are there too. Maybe people are realizing that this isn’t the “end” of print, but the transformation of content delivery, and I don’t mean that in the dismissive way that people tend to use the word “content” these days. Aside from the painful fact that all of this global economic melt-down seems like a giant union busting party–particularly in the world of news–it also signals the possibility of real change in terms of who has a voice. Possibility that is. Not probability.

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