Lisa Robertson on Eva Hesse’s Sans II

What makes life worth living?

A question that comes to us all at one point or another. For me, these days, the question is not about “worth” it’s about “how can we live” consciously, in our time. SF MoMA thinks that art helps. I agree. Absolutely. Art contextualizes. Art frames. Art offers ways of assessing. Of assembling. Of archiving. Of indexing. Art, and of course I’m seeing all arts not just visual, helps put us in touch with assumptions. Re-introduces us to language. To words. Brings us out of isolation and hands off these philosophical questions from one generation to the next…. I love this project at SF MoMA in which 75 people gave 7.5 minute or less talks about pieces of art…

You can watch Lisa Robertson give her talk, on Eva Hesses Sans II at SF MoMA

Meanwhile there is Bjork. And she is right.