Feminist Boot Camp # 193: Marina Abramović, On Being Out of Control Emotionally & Physically

Sacrifice the body. A friend who coached soccer used to say this. She also said, nail it well the first time. Or, perhaps I am saying that she said that. No one thought she was a she because she wore a tool belt. She sacrificed the body for her work. Pass it on. Sacrifice the body. Also the mind. If your brain doesn’t hurt you are not thinking. My partner’s mantra. Thinking can be like having a gun in your mouth. It can also be like floating on a river of tulips. What it rarely is is benign. Safety makes for very dull poetry. This is often also very popular poetry. We all want stasis. The edge is where we go, what we touch in our sleep. We turn away from it, nightly, and wake ready not to go there again. I am sorry if I can’t be any clearer than this. Bite into an onion. Bite into oil. Bite into the future.

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