David Seymour: Eyewitness Testimony

Aside from having amazing production values, this little video includes the faces and voices of some of the most interesting writers huddled in Toronto at this moment…how many? Who are they? Who is watching who? I asked David Seymour how a poet came to make such a slick poetry trailer:

I had two poems in mind “Eyewitness Testimony” and “Super Slo-Mo” thinking it might be a gratifying marriage of the two predominant occupations in my life (poetry and film). By chance and good timing, a friend, Jeremy Munce, decided to make the transition from editor to director and wanted a few short projects with which to build a portfolio. He was interested in the project so he booked the time and equipment at a small studio he’d begun working through and, after collaborating to create the trailer’s concept and shooting strategy I started bugging my friends (and loved ones) to see whether they’d volunteer. A five hour shoot day, feeding the poem off-camera, line by line to each of the nine readers/actors, several bottles of wine, a few pizzas, and months of wading through the surplus of footage in order that each ‘cut’, i.e. line break, adhere to the poem’s own structure, and voila. The art is definitely in the editing for me, and Munce is one of the best. In fact, as we sat to edit through the various iterations, I ended up re-editing the poem for the book according to the hinges I was hearing in the readers’ voices. The addition of the cast of characters, complete with aliases and culprit, was absolute tomfoolery on my part. Many of the fictitious last names are puns or associative wordplay, or have some etymological connection with the person’s real last name. We’ve already begun shooting “Super Slo-Mo,” with another host of writer-type hams, and though still studio-bound it’s a bit more ambitious and will take some time.

Come back soon for some poems from Seymour’s new collection, For Display Purposes Only, Volume 4. Lemonhound 2.0 launches April 17th. You can click away the google ads…enjoy.

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