Jordan Davis: Three Poems


Softly, he insisted
to himself,
the peculiar conditions
love requires
enforce their perimeter.

Some quinine slap-take,
some shouts across backyards.

At some point
we find ourselves
but that doesn’t mean
we get caught,

O Nadia Comaneci,
who’s going to argue
destiny with you…

These are the twigs
birds bring, playing
“Global catastrophe,”
a popular game places
with satellite tv
and no roads —

when I say it’s love,
let the young fame
burn its papers
for the newsreels,
let the feeling catch
on what pulls it along.



An idea
in the interior
O pig leather mail order
of the satchel-based paragons
who dream up this polity

is that we each pursue
as in run after never catching
a fitted suit
made of symptoms

and once a year
if we make all our targets
a lump of sugar
we’re careful not to gag on —

is it centered on your spine
or does this prison weight
pull you slightly to the left
or the right —

and a heavy weight

of such things movies are made —

movies that play continuously
on demand.

See? the movies have it
just as bad as you —



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