Short Take on Margaux Williamson

margauxI Could See Everything
The Paintings of Margaux Williamson, Coach House 2014

What I know about painting has been gleaned from looking at paintings, an art form that by now often feels like knitting. The way that Impressionism was a response to Realism. How does painting respond to the ubiquitous digital image? What I want from art is to feel fresh. I want to see a banana again for the first time. To feel the way a body feels slumped across a table after a long read in a stuffy room. Apparently Karl Ove Knausgaard has done this for many people in the form of the novel. Death. Domesticity. Boyness. All fresh again. Margaux Williamson’s paintings, at least those in this book–can’t actually wait to see them in person, brush strokes and all–make me feel fresh. Chris Kraus talks about the invisible line that holds these paintings together. It’s my line. Your line. Suddenly we remember that being alive, seeing, is like sitting on a tightrope high above 5th Avenue. Anything that reminds me of that is what I value.

–Sina Queyras, Montreal June 2014