Poem of the Week: Trish Salah

What a vision is.

Of course it is not all to do with pleasure, let alone the composition of your genitals,
Fluids forming a confluence of energy and sleep, predator joy, and submissive heat.

Of course there is no simple logic to a boy in a man’s lap, a slave gazing
with devoted eyes, or a wife, what goes into the making of, or on between them
when men are not about, or even the rare meeting of equals.

There is this thing you call war, though it is but an echo (no, Not Echo, not her frail rupture
between work and whirled, but horde.)

A vision could as easily be of a body or a thousand, released of their blood, pulled
of spirit (eidos) out the gap opened up. It could be called whoring being drawn out of itself.

The gods do not bother with much smaller things. But too I have seen a monster state,
and the rise of languages. Becoming sexes are as rarely, is so rarely acknowledged, art.

-Trish Salah

Excerpted from Lyric Sexology Vol. 1 © Trish Salah 2017, 2014. Published by Metonymy Press (2017) and Roof Books (2014). Reproduced by arrangement with the Publisher. All rights reserved. 

*Trish Salah is launching the new edition of Lyric Sexology Vol. 1 in Montreal on August 19th, 6pm at L’Euguélionne, 1426 Beaudry.