Lauren Turner


Mangos are the ripest weapons on hand.

You ask me what I’ve wanted the longest
and I say a mate whose jugular I couldn’t burst.

Going everywhere in a transparent blouse
only to see

where visitors would leave their signature.

The sky is entrailed with fireworks.
A hobo in Hochelaga tells me not to swallow

gunpowder into my guts like poprock candy.

Speaking enough French to avoid making
a French exit

at picnics no one packed food for.
I do enough damage without refueling, thx.

Who are pedophiles when the kiddie pools drain
each night?

 I ask hooked questions, keeping catcallers

beguiled and at bay
as Cancer season nicks our ankles to blood.



Lauren Turner 
wrote the chapbook “We’re Not Going to Do Better Next Time” (knife fork book, 2018). Her writing appears, or is forthcoming, in Arc Magazine, Minola Review, Cosmonauts Avenue, Carte Blanche, BAD NUDES, Peach Mag, and elsewhere. She lives in Montréal, Québec, on the traditional and unceded territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka people.

Author: Jake Byrne

Poetry editor.