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Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, PLEASE HANG UP Mangos are the ripest weapons on hand. You ask me what I’ve wanted the longest and I say a mate whose jugular I couldn’t burst. Going everywhere in a transparent blouse only to see where visitors would leave their signature. The sky is entrailed with fireworks. A hobo...
Jessie Jones

Jessie Jones

BLOOM Scraped into shallow, almost hostile questions of spring, girl feels the full girlishness of her being flood in. The first tulip discovering its great head. Girl falls into the soil, doubles the doubles double and divide until they’re all whirling intently against the rich dark so-cold-it-seems-wet. One resists, swiping at the pleasure of itwhile...
Margaret Christakos

Margaret Christakos

CHARGER 10 Click slideshow to advance.   ______ Margaret Christakos is a Canadian poet from Sudbury, Ontario, who has lived in Toronto since 1987. Recent books include Her Paraphernalia: On Motherlines, Sex/Blood/Loss & Selfies (BookThug 2016) and Multitudes (Coach House 2013). A Selected Poems called Space Between her Lips, edited by Greg Betts, appeared in Spring 2017 (Wildrid Laurier University Press). She is...
Charles Bernstein: "Misfortune"

Charles Bernstein: “Misfortune”

Misfortune after Nerval’s “El Desdichado” My morning star’s dead and my disconsolate lute Smashes in the blackened sun of torn alibi. In the tomb of every night, memories of Venetian reveries raw rub the inconsolable Pitch of the dark, where over and again I love you.   __________________________ Charles Bernstein lives in New York and is...
Dana Ward: "God Only Knows That I Can't Look Away"

Dana Ward: “God Only Knows That I Can’t Look Away”

God Only Knows That I Can’t Look Away for Sarah Valentine is still my favorite word. But really ‘and’ is. ‘and’ & ‘or’, as well as ‘anyway’ like ‘anyway…’ & ‘so,’ As in ‘Anyway, my favorite word is Valentine so I’m writing one to you & I’ll die if I don’t so you’ll know &...
Vanessa Place: "I Will Fuck You in the Ass"

Vanessa Place: “I Will Fuck You in the Ass”

My favorite love poem was originally by Mike Tyson, though I have since appropriated it. It captures all the ambivalence and drive of desire that cannot be quenched and will not be disarmed.   I Will Fuck You in the Ass I will fuck you in the ass I will fuck you in the ass...


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