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Feminist Boot Camp

Feminist Boot Camp #89: Know Your Materials

–Eva Hesse’s Materials As Woolf said, words fail us. Words fail us because they are so common. Because they have been the mouths of generations before us. And now around us. Everyone sucking on them. People you admire and people you wouldn’t think to share a common language with. But you do. Words, common as...

Feminist Boot Camp # 193: Marina Abramović, On Being Out of Control Emotionally & Physically

Sacrifice the body. A friend who coached soccer used to say this. She also said, nail it well the first time. Or, perhaps I am saying that she said that. No one thought she was a she because she wore a tool belt. She sacrificed the body for her work. Pass it on. Sacrifice the...

Feminist Boot Camp #77: Stick With Your Sisters

Particularly if they can rock out and change rhythms on a dime…and do it long flowing gowns with feathered hair and fuck you boots and cheekbones like canyons, and a finger movements that I mean, wtf, did you see her?? Please follow and like us:0

Feminist Boot Camp 43: HIt a Bass Line & Hold Hit

Taste Of Honey, Boogie Oogie Oogie 1978 Kind of a one hit wonder, these ladies, but what a great album that was. Tale end of disco when just about every riff had been wrung out of the beats…but they found something. These ladies are still at it. Please follow and like us:0

Feminist Boot Camp #6

When in doubt, dance. Dress for it. Work it. Have fun with it. Seriously. If I got my hands on this outfit I would have to write the poems that would go along with reading in it…oh, I think I have a project… Please follow and like us:0

Feminist Boot Camp #7

One of the dirty little secrets about the whole women complaining about lack of representation in the book reviewing business is the fact that many women won’t review. Why won’t they? The generous response I give often has to do with a fear of confrontation, a fear of mastery, an unwillingness to take a fixed...

The Gatekeepers and the Glass Ceiling, Notes Toward an Essay on The Count

“The gatekeepers of literary culture—at least at magazines—are still primarily male.” If these gatekeepers are showing a gender bias, there’s not much room to make it up later. Let’s make something very clear: no one wants to have these conversations. Particularly women. Or particularly whoever is outside of these gates. They are a bother. They...

The Lemon Hound Literary Rule

Okay, so riffing off of the Bechdel test discussed in my earlier post, here’s the Lemon Hound Lit Rule for assessing the cultural acuity of a given contemporary literary discussion, publication, essay, critical debate, or otherwise, purporting to be speaking generally of a literature or literatures, as opposed to something specialized, ie, men’s or masculinist...


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