Introducing the Emerging Toronto Poets Folio

Welcome to the Lemon Hound Emerging Toronto Poets Folio, containing fourteen contributors (presented here in reverse chronological order):

When we—Stevie Howell and Aisha Sasha John—put out the call for this folio, our goal was to find Toronto-based poets who were still establishing themselves; in practical terms, this came to mean poets with two or fewer books out, and no minimum number of publications.

Over the past few months, through considering these parameters, we’ve had spirited discussions about what constitutes community (the poetry “scene” in Toronto could best be described as a rather small community of regulars, semi-regulars, and devout non-attendees). We pondered how to best capture writers who were unknown—to us—because of the same social forces that discourage participation across many artistic and cultural sectors. We did a blind call, but we also solicited work. Some of the poems are by writers we’re familiar with, while others are by people we’ve had the pleasure of encountering specifically because of this project.

We think of this folio not as an “it” list but as a gorgeous sampler of emerging Toronto poets. Though the contributors’ styles are distinct, we’re delighted to be able to highlight what unites them: their powerful voices.

Stevie Howell, & Aisha Sasha John