New Winnipeg Poets Folio

My daughter, wise beyond her 15 years, summed up Winnipeg the other day: “Everybody hates it here, but nobody wants to leave.”

Her solution was that we should just all agree to pick up and move the entire city — imagining a mass relocation to some sunnier realm, like when The Simpsons moved Springfield because its citizens had trashed the joint.

It’s the best plan I’ve heard yet.

These poets, from in and around Winnipeg, all of whom have published no more than two trade books (many unpublished in book form, some unpublished before now), might have a better plan, coded within these poems.

Please, if you know Dan Brown, convince him to read through this portfolio and crack the code.

It’s our only hope!!!

Your Editor,

Jonathan Ball



Candice G. Ball
Taylor Daigneault-Patterson
Michelle Daly
Kristian Enright
Joanne Epp
j robert ferguson
Ariel Gordon
Hannah Green
Luann Hiebert
Eileen Mary Holowka
Adam Kroeker
Kevin Kvas
Laura Lamont
Ted Landrum
Matthew Legall
Louella Lester
Jenn Angela Lopes
Jay Lubiansky
Chris Macalino
Janis Maudlin
Kegan McFadden
Maurice Mierau
Carmelo Militano
Adam Petrash
Davis Plett
Marika Prokosh
Kerry Ryan
Angeline Schellenberg
Cam Scott
Aaron Simm
John Stintzi
Chimwemwe Undi
Melanie Dennis Unrau
Sarah Lynn Vaage
Joshua Whitehead

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  1. If you can’t get to someone’s poems when you click on the name above, try clicking on “Poetry & Poetics” above and you can link to the poets with their photos & poems, just scroll down for whomever you want.

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