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Candice Maddy en conversation avec / with Steve Giasson

Candice Maddy en conversation avec / with Steve Giasson

J’aurais envie de répondre comme Warhol : « ...I realized that everything I was doing must have been Death. » La mort m’obsède, mais je ne peux pas dire qu’elle « m’intéresse ». J’aime cette histoire de Freud qui raconte qu’il y a longtemps, un roi britannique, atterré par la mort de sa femme,...
From the Archive: Refus Global Manifesto

From the Archive: Refus Global Manifesto

We are the offspring of modest French-Canadian families, working class or lower middle class, who, ever since their arrival from the Old Country, have always remained French and Catholic through resistance to the conqueror, through strong attachment to the past, by choice and sentimental pride and out of sheer necessity. We are the settlers who,...

While The Babies Slept: A Study In Green While Walking After a Storm on the Plateau

Quebec protest: the writing is on the wall

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in Plateau

Poetry is your bitch

Melissa Bull: Two Poems, Six Questions

EDISTO In the truck my roast pink mother floats in a piggy nightgown from the Piggly-Wiggly. She’s drinking piña colada. I’ve got corn mash or some kind of corny nosto-industrialized moonshine tourist trap rubbing alcohol. Gag. Bought our bottles at the package store across the marsh crawling with crabs big as silver dollars. Creeping marsh....