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Cornelia Barber: Looking at Emma's Dilemma

Cornelia Barber: Looking at Emma’s Dilemma

        “There is No Scene Here” Looking at Emma’s Dilemma (Henry Hills, 2012) by Cornelia Barber To look is to be curious, to be interested, to lower yourself. No one you look at is worth it. Looking is always demeaning. The word conversation is banished. I think that’s what best conveys the...
From Al Purdy's Storm Warning 2

From Al Purdy’s Storm Warning 2

In my reading around Al Purdy of late I came across a copy of Storm Warning 2. I would love to get the poems up too, but I’ll start with this amazing gallery of poets circa 1975. Please follow and like us:0
The Men Around Here

The Men Around Here

The men around here huddle sudden as mountains. Their hands dangle like wrenches. Sandpaper thumbs. Use me, they say. Hours gather and harden in stomachs. Overalls stiff,  scarred as the skin of elephants. There where the sparks landed, a hole, there where he dropped the blowtorch, a swath soft as the inside of birch bark....
Jen Benka: Poemgraphs

Jen Benka: Poemgraphs

SQ: I love these, Jen. I’m amazed at how different they are, given the sameness of the type, the basic poem, as a visual from this distance. Can you tell me how you got started? JB: Thank you, Sina. Well, I studied photography in college, in addition to writing, and have on- and off-again experimented with...
In conversation: Zoe Strauss

In conversation: Zoe Strauss

(Photograph by Zoe Strauss) If you reading this fuck you Zoe Strauss is a self-taught photography-based installation artist. She lives and works in Philadelphia where she was born (at Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation’s first), and with the exception of a brief sojourn in Nevada, where she was raised. Strauss comes from a close-knit family. Her...

While The Babies Slept: A Study In Green While Walking After a Storm on the Plateau

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Quebec protest: the writing is on the wall

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Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in Plateau

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The red patch smelled like clover

The red patch smelled like clover, originally uploaded by lemon hound. One of a series from an old group of photos added to a Six Word Stories pool. Not sure that the title is enough to gesture toward a narrative, but it does give a motivation for the movement,  I suppose, and knits together the...

Poetry is your bitch

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Aspect Ratio

Ongoing series of Montreal shots, particularly focusing on the northeast corner of the plateau. Please follow and like us:0


Not quite back in the province of my youth, but close. Such a different scale.Thinking more about Jeff Wall and now this Vancouver born photographer, who graduated from Emily Carr. Karin Bubas series Studies in Landscape and Wardrobe reminds me a little too much of those 70s fashion spreads mimicking that ubiquitous photographer–soft focus, near...


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