Welcome to Lemon Hound 3.0.1

Welcome! I’ve been chomping at the bit to get this first volume out to you—so much so that several parts of the whole slipped out of the kennel a little early. In this first volume you will find that sneaky, excellent folio, edited by Jake Byrne and Tess Liem; a folio that includes poetry by some CanLit stars— Margaret Christakos and Sonnet L’abbé —as well as poems from new voices across the globe— Shriram Sivaramakrishnan—and just down the street from us—Lauren Turner. These poems came through our first call for work, and each was selected out of Submittable and presented with audio of the author reading their work. See the table of contents below.

The site is still very much in development—from site design, to parameters of content, to the editorial board—but I’m giving the site a full year to coalesce. You’ll notice the moniker LEC. This is the collective editorial voice of the students who are learning how to write, edit and publish digital literature. This is part of a year-long trial association of the magazine and a course I designed for Concordia.

The collective voice is something I am dedicated to fostering, regardless of whether Lemon Hound remains a pedagogical body; this class offers the opportunity for a trial run. The review of Durga Chew-Bose was written and edited collectively both in the class, and individually through an open document. You’ll notice however, that the students will quickly be venturing out into the singular—capsule reviews are lined up and will appear with initials of individuals even as we hone the collective. That’s okay. We can be singular and multiple in our engagement with literature.

Going forward I remain dedicated to open calls and to open submissions, as well as our continued focus on selecting poems of the week, and excerpts from books both new—Lee Maracle‘s essay on appropriation from Conversations with Canadians in this volume—and texts you might have missed, but shouldn’t—such as the excerpt from Eden Robinson‘s lecture Sasquatch in which she describes some of the process she underwent to turn her thesis, written while at UBC, into her first book. I am deeply honored to be able to bring those to you—they are essential reading. Buy the books!

You’ll also find poems and a prose title from brilliant fall books from Camilla Grudova, Julie Carr, Canisia Lubrin and Billy-Ray Belcourt—essays from Jen Sookfong Lee, Alessandro Porco, and Rob Budde, as well as a few poems that I have been wanting to share for some time from Nyla Matuk and Sandra Simonds. We have four reviews from David Bradford, Kim Fu, Kyle Flemmer and LEC (Lemon Hound Editorial Collective).

Lemon Hound was supposed to hit the Internet in September, and then October, but I am giving the site a full year to find its footing and its funding. The goal is not short, but long term sustainability: that means building on the generous support of our mysterious Internet host who keeps our site safe and updated, building our editorial muscle, and finding on-going funding to paying contributors. Your support is appreciated. Every hit, and every dollar, goes toward our goal of sustainability. Look for Volume 2 in mid-December: some fantastic content is in the works and also, click on the poem(s) of the week posted over the last few months. They include Marcela Huerta, Tommy Pico, Fred Moten, Safiya Sinclair, Phoebe Wang, Sergio Ortiz, Catriona Wright, Trish Salah, Susan Briante, Marcus McCann, Kevin Connolly and Sylvia Plath. We’ll keep posting poem of the week in between volumes.

So dig in. Subscribe! Pitch us. And enjoy.

Eden Robinson from Sasquatch
Jen Sookfong Lee from Gentlemen of the Shade: My Own Private Idaho
Lee Maracle from Conversations with Canadians
Alessandro Porco on Steve Venright’s Variegraphy

Rob Budde on Ken Belford

Poetry Folio edited by Jake Byrne & Tess Liem featuring:
Billy-Ray Belcourt  from This Wound is a World
Canisia Lubrin from Voodoo Hypothesis
Julie Carr from Objects from a Borrowed Confession
Nyla Matuk from Stranger
Sandra Simonds from The Sonnets

Camilla Grudova  “Unstitching,” from The Doll’s Alphabet
Bhanu Kapil from Ban et Banlieu from the archives

David Bradford on Fred Moten’s The Service Porch
LEC on Durga Chew-Bose’s Too Much and Not in the Mood
Kim Fu on Claire Messud’s The Burning Girl
Kyle Flemmer on derek beaulieu’s a: A Novel